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Hey, Tolkien fans! 

I have some of the most amazing friends in the world and they were able to get me some posters from the US Hobbit premiere. However, turns out that two different pals got me two packs of the same posters! While I am more than okay with posting doubles all over my wall I figured why not give these lovely doubles to you all. 

So what are these posters, exactly? 

Well allow me to explain! There are four of these beauties, each poster is about 15x20 made of extremely high quality durable cardstock featuring a single character on each (as you can see above). They each also come with a plastic sleeve for extra protection. 

These posters, in my opinion are absolutely gorgeous. I personally cannot wait to put them up on my wall.


-Reblog this post! (Refrain from spamming your dash, though)

-Have your ask box open, an email, or a skype address available on your blog so that I can contact you upon being selected. 

I’ll give a winner December 31, 2012 who will be randomly chosen. The first winner will have the option of choosing two of the four posters they would like and the second winner will get the two who are left. If the first winner doesn’t respond in 72 hours the second winner will become the first and get to choose which ones they would like and a new second will be picked. 

I’ll ship anywhere, from the North Hemisphere to the South all the way to Middle-earth. 

Good luck! 

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    I had wanted to go to the premier to try & get one of these posters (yes I had one in mind) but I didn’t get to go....
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