hella sad but least im cute doing it

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black excellence

No, human excellence.

Let’s talk about set theory! In mathematical logic, we have a subfield called “set theory” where we study how items are collected into groups.

Providing a sort of logical bedrock, set theory informs foundational mathematics and computer science, among other fields, and continues to be a topic of mathematical research.

Sound too esoteric? Okay, you’re familiar with Venn diagrams, right? Venn diagrams are an example of basic set theory.


And you know how all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares? There we go, more set theory.

So, Black people are group within the larger group humans, i.e. all Black people are humans, BUT not all humans are Black people.

As you can see in the photograph above, Keven Stonewall, the Chicago teen who may cure colon cancer, is Black. Keven Stonewall’s membership in other groups such as humans, Chicagoans and teenagers occurs simultaneously; consider “Chicago teen.”

Why do we say “square” when we could say “rectangle”? Because “square” conveys useful information, including “rectangle”—as well as a refinement.

When we say Keven Stonewall is an example of Black excellence, we mean Keven Stonewall is an example of Black excellence.

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Anime trash???? more like anime compost save the earth kids 

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Emma Sulkowicz is on the cover of this month’s New York Magazine and that is the coolest thing wow

DUUUUDE this is a huge fucking deal honestly

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me: *has an opinion*

me: *realizes that my opinion is a result of my limited world view*

me: *stays in my lane*



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Today’s Gender of the Day is: The flower shop scene from The Room

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Heavy inspiration from the Jaws poster.

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Ferguson police are being sued for $40mil, +++ some of the officers are facing individual lawsuits for rights infringement. fucking break those cops. 


this is some of the best news I’ve had in days and I want you to be excited about it to

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Mule vs Mountain Lion

A couple from Montana were out riding on the range with their dogs, the man with a rifle and his wife with the camera that took these amazing shots, when a mountain lion decided to stalk the dogs.

The man got off his mule and decided to fire a shot into the air to scare off the mountain lion, but before he could the lion charged towards the dogs hoping for a piece of them. That’s when things got interesting

The mule decided he wanted a piece of the lion and snatched him up by the tail and started whirling him around. Banging its head on the ground on every pass. It basically stomped it to death and bit it a few times to make sure it was really dead.

The mule then walked back to where the stunned couple were standing and stood there ready to continue as if this crazy situation hadn’t just gone down.


does…does this make it a badass or…?

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